Little Monsters vs. Kleines Miststück

For my Dad ❤

With the release of this song I want to give my father Thomas Sajonz a name as a composer in the world and create a lasting memory of him. Unfortunately he died of cancer in 2010.
The core of „Little Monsters“ is a purely classical composition by Thomas Sajonz for a flute, a violin and a viola. I have turned it into an Electro Mix.

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My father composed this piece around 1994. The original title is „Kleines Miststück“. Here is an original recording from 1995. You can hear me playing the violin when I was ca. 10 years old. My father is playing the flute and a friend of us the viola:

Merry Christmas & Love For The World

Hello! 🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas! 😀 And here is my Christmas gift for you:

Listen to my new song „Love For The World“!
Share it to give LOVE to your family & friends and everyone in the world. 😀

Special thanks to Agent Knopf for making this Cover! :*

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