Little Monsters vs. Kleines Miststück

For my Dad ❤

With the release of this song I want to give my father Thomas Sajonz a name as a composer in the world and create a lasting memory of him. Unfortunately he died of cancer in 2010.
The core of „Little Monsters“ is a purely classical composition by Thomas Sajonz for a flute, a violin and a viola. I have turned it into an Electro Mix.

Cover: Copyright by © Agent Knopf:

Music: Copyright by © inga:

My father composed this piece around 1994. The original title is „Kleines Miststück“. Here is an original recording from 1995. You can hear me playing the violin when I was ca. 10 years old. My father is playing the flute and a friend of us the viola:

Merry Christmas & Love For The World

Hello! 🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas! 😀 And here is my Christmas gift for you:

Listen to my new song „Love For The World“!
Share it to give LOVE to your family & friends and everyone in the world. 😀

Special thanks to Agent Knopf for making this Cover! :*

Cover: Copyright by © Agent Knopf:

Play now the new game „Meowm“

Wohooo! 😀 The game for which I composed the music is finally out: „Meowm“! Go check it on the Google Playstore .

Special thanks goes to Agent Knopf for making this awesome game! Thank you so much for my first job as a composer and our pleasant collaboration! 🙂
I am looking forward to making more music for Agent Knopf Games. 😀

You can find out more about Agent Knopf Games on this Website .


Website in progress

Hi everyone! 🙂 This website is still in progress.
But there are already some news and information.

I’m sorry that the area „About Me“ is still in German. This will change soon.
As well the video at the top of this website. Because that’s not mine.

But I’m still working on my own video with my own music. when it’s done, I’ll upload it immediately. 😀